The Stanton Park Group

Founded in January 2003, the Stanton Park Group, LLC is a bi-partisan Washington, DC-based federal affairs consulting firm. Stanton Park’s team members combine first hand knowledge of Washington process, public policy and politics with decades of experience in leadership roles in Congress, think tanks and industry.

Throughout our careers, we have been strong advocates for industries dedicated to removing barriers to competition in the market-place and the advancement of science and technology. We believe these principles form the foundation for economic progress and responsible public policy. The Stanton Park Group seeks to forward these ideals in pursuit of our clients’ interests.

The Stanton Park Group is committed to its mission of “turning ideas into action.” Our team approach to work on behalf of our clients combines our talents and expertise in a number of issue areas including healthcare, energy, technology, telecommunications, and appropriations. Read more.


Stanton Park Group has almost 60 years of combined bi-partisan experience in leadership roles in Congress, think tanks and industry and has been providing its clients experienced and resourceful consulting services since January 2003.

We specialize in:

  • providing legislative and regulatory strategies that turn ideas into action;
  • policy development and analysis that promote the client’s agenda;
  • relationship-building with key decision-makers, business and organizational allies; and
  • understanding the interplay between our clients’ marketplace interests and the political environment.